24 Elul | Week 4 : The Four Names of Rosh Hashanah

In this week’s lesson, we dive into the meaning of the Jewish New Year by exploring the four names of Rosh Hashanah: Yom Teruah – the day of sounding, Yom Hazikaron – the day of remembering, Yom Harat Olam – the birthday of creation, and Yom Hadin – the day of judgementWhat do they all mean and how do they inspire us to embrace this special time of year?  Watch this week’s video to find out.

Weekly Teshuvah Exercise
Slow down, get quiet, reflect, and meditate.

  • What do you hear the call for, personally?
  • What do you need to remember right now?
  • Why are you here, and what are you ready to conceive of in this time?