Teen Programs

Applications for 2024 Teen Programs are Now Open for Enrollment.


Adolescence is a time of great transformation and challenge. Youth are negotiating their budding identities with parents, peers, and society as they reach for authentic belonging. 

Wilderness Torah celebrates the journey of exploration and transformation in its teen programs. Teens learn to lead in a vibrant, earth-connected Jewish community by facing challenges that carry natural consequences.

Whether it’s climbing a mountain peak as a team or assisting adult mentors in creating earth-connected Jewish experiences for  younger community members, teens learn that they are needed as leaders in building a better world.

2024-25 Teen Programs

Neshama Quest

July 30–August 5, 2024

A weeklong backpacking adventure into the California wilderness to break out of city life, deepen into earth-based Jewish traditions, and experience initiatory challenges with peers and mentors.

Shomrim Leadership Program

Kick-off Backpacking Trip: September 20–22, 2024

An immersive year-long  leadership training program where teens spend time outdoors, gain valuable life skills, build lasting friendships with peers, and learn important Jewish values to help  guide them through life. This program includes a 3-day and a 7-day backpacking trip, as well as monthly sessions.


You guys are maintaining channels of authentic living for my children. In the face of the social media onslaught, I often feel powerless to help my children connect to life in the real world. B’Naiture planted some important seeds, but without Shomrim tending the garden, I fear the lessons they learned would dry up from tumblr and snapchat. Thanks for keeping the garden growing – they trust you guys so much!
Jennifer Bean Miller, Teen Shomrim Parent

The mentors/leaders of Neshama Quest created an oasis in the midst of our crazy world where my kids were able to thrive. For a magical week, they learned outdoor skills, sang loudly, led others and were led by others, hiked in beautiful places, swam in cold lakes, embraced Jewish rituals, acted silly, took things seriously, and were encouraged to find their strength. I wish every teen could have a time like this to be free and challenged and supported.!

Neshama Quest Teen Parent