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Why Your Contribution Matters

At Wilderness Torah, we see disconnection from the natural world and the village experience as a root cause for the many personal, political and climate conflicts of our time.

Your contribution supports our mission to deeply reconnect people to themselves, community, earth, and Spirit.

With your generous gift, we can cultivate a new culture of resilient change makers who are strongly rooted in stewarding the world to a sustainable and thriving future.

Accelerate Your Impact

Every new or increased gift that you give qualifies for a match!
“On my Wilderness Encounter in the desert, I received a message: observe nature. Whether the words came from the creosote bushes that dot this landscape, or God, or my better self inside of me, doesn’t matter. Within nature are lessons about life, both as individuals, families, and community level. Within nature are the metaphors I need to to write. Within nature are the answers we need to protect the sacred in our world.”
Passover in the Desert participant
“Judaism is alive and vibrant outside the shul walls with Wilderness Torah. The power of coming together in community for a few days out on the land is profound. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated; I am proud to be raising my children in a community where we practice Jewish Joy!”
B'naiture Parent

It Takes a Village!

We rely on your generous gift to create an accessible and thriving community for all who want to participate:

  • $36 pays for catered, organic and kosher food for one retreat meal
  • $108 covers a full day of programming for a retreat participant
  • $250 will fund 1 discount for a low-income family for our K-5 school year program
  • $500 covers 1 work/trade scholarship for a young adult to a festival
  • $1000 underwrites the participation of 1 young adult in our 3-month young adult leadership program
  • $5000 funds the concurrent parent program that runs alongside our youth programs

Contribute to the Community

Why Give?

Wilderness Torah brings transformative, healing experiences to thousands of people yearly—reconnecting participants to spirituality and community through immersive programs. Together, we are:

Wilderness Torah engages young adults in experiential Judaism congruent with their values – authentic, collaborative, and connected to nature. Wilderness Torah trains adults to co-create engaging and transformative Jewish village-building festivals.

Hundreds of young adults have taken their first steps in teaching classes, mentoring youth, leading prayer, facilitating groups, and stepping into communal leadership.


Wilderness Torah is transforming Jewish education. At a time when “nature-deficit disorder” is becoming all too real and when classroom Judaism is no longer cutting it for our kids, Wilderness Torah’s approach inspires young minds, awaken curiosity, and takes youth on a journey that gets them excited about Judaism and nature.

B’naiture is revolutionizing the Bar/Bat Mitzvah, meeting youth in this critical life stage by giving them tools for self-reliance, awakening Jewish tradition, and providing appropriate spiritual and physical challenges.

B’hootz is setting a new standard for Sunday school – in the forest!

Wilderness Torah embraces the Jewish value l’dor v’dor, “from generation to generation,” tackling the challenging lack of connection between generations.

Wilderness Torah reweaves the fabric of multi-generational community with festivals for all ages where our elders are supported and honored.


In 2016 we launched the Wilderness Torah Training Institute and have since trained nearly 100 people from the US, Canada, the UK, Israel, and Mexico in our award-winning K–12 curriculum. Many are now starting their own projects in their communities.

Wilderness Torah is one of the leading JOFEE (Jewish, Outdoor, Food, Farming & Environmental Education) organizations nationwide. Together with Hazon, Pearlstone Retreat Center, and Urban Adamah we’ve created the JOFEE Fellowship, JOFEE Network Gathering, and the new JOFEE Leaders Institute for training mid-level staff. Wilderness Torah increasingly speaks and teaches in many venues, helping build this movement nationwide.


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