Youth Programs

Wilderness Torah offers pluralistic Jewish, nature-based education and community for youth ages 0–18 and their families.

Mentorship begins for children in grade 4 and goes all the way through grade 12.

We nourish strong relationships between youth, Jewish life, and the natural world while building their resilience and capacity.

Top 4 Reasons to Join Youth Programs

Long-term Mentorship
Long-term Mentorship
We are committed to fostering long-lasting, positive mentorship for children from as early as Kindergarten, all the way through their teens. This ensures they have a rooted experience with Jewish identity, intergenerational community, and the natural world.
Earth-based Jewish Learning
Earth-based Jewish Learning
Guided by the cycles of the seasons and the Hebrew Calendar, we experience Jewish wisdom amongst the trees. Through songs, stories, holiday celebrations, blessings, and rituals, we build embodied connection with nature and Jewish tradition.
Resilience Building
Resilience Building
At Wilderness Torah, youth learn how to lean into community and connect with their own inherent wisdom. Through practices that nurture self-connection and authentic relationships, youth cultivate resilience in a rapidly-changing world that is in need of deep healing.
Nature-loving Families
Nature-loving Families
Fostering parent and family relationships is just as important as your children’s learning. This is why we are building community among our families by providing opportunities such as potlucks and learning days so parents grow alongside their children.


“My favorite part of the day was making a dreidel out of clay!”

— 5th Grader

“When I was at school, it would drain my energy but every time I went to B’naiture it was like a breath of fresh air!”

— B’naiture attendee

I wish every teen could have a time like this to be free and challenged and supported.

— Teen Parent

Ages 0–5

Nevatim (“Sprouts”) is a brand new program at Wilderness Torah, integrating Jewish rituals, tradition and spirituality with a nature-based approach to early childhood education and parenting.

  • Nevatim spaces and programming at Wilderness Torah’s multi-generational events and festivals
  • Family-friendly specific holiday programs
  • Collaborations with partnering organizations like Jewish Baby Network and PJ Library

Sunday School in the Woods
Grades 4–5

  • Experience the magic of creation in nature
  • Adventure through Torah stories & learn Jewish tradition with imaginative play
  • Develop comfort and ease in the outdoors
  • Connect mind-heart-body with Jewish identity
  • Cultivate hands-on wilderness skills
  • Practice and build resilience

Wilderness Coming-of-Age Program
Grades 6–8

Award-winning two-year program supporting youth and their families in the adolescent transition

  • Embodied coming-of-age experience
  • Integrating nature connection and Jewish life-cycle wisdom
  • Peer group community building
  • Nature awareness activities combined with personal challenge and exploration
  • Story, Song and Jewish text study

Teen Programs
Grades 8–12

Teen backpacking adventures and leadership programs based on earth-based Jewish practices

  • Neshama Quest: Immersive, weeklong backpacking trip in the California wilderness
  • Shomrim: Yearlong community building, leadership training, and backpacking excursions
  • Holiday festivals: Mentor-led programming for teens to deepen connections to themselves, their community, Judaism, and the land.

Thank You to Our Youth Programs Supporters