Youth Program Mentors

Meet Your 2023-24 Mentors

About Youth Mentors

Wilderness Torah youth mentors are the heart and soul of our work in youth programs. Each mentor brings passion, years of experience and their own unique perspective. Whenever possible, we do our best to create a diverse mentor team that can represent the various identities in the group. Mentors are trained in our award winning curriculum and spend many hours planning and debriefing with each other and the Youth Programs Director. Most importantly, our mentors care deeply about the youth and the unique work that Wilderness Torah does. They are committed and passionate about sharing Jewish connection and nature-connection with the next generation of Jewish youth.

2023-24 Youth Mentors

Sarah Elise (They/She)
Sarah Elise (They/She)B'hootz Mentor
Alex Voynow (He/They)
Alex Voynow (He/They)Teen Programs Manager
Sarah Salem (She/Her)
Sarah Salem (She/Her)B'naiture Mentor
Sarah Moss (ze/zir/zirs & she/her/hers)
Sarah Moss (ze/zir/zirs & she/her/hers) B'naiture Mentor
Sam Lyons / Shmuli (They/Them)
Sam Lyons / Shmuli (They/Them)B'naiture Mentor