18 Elul | Week 3 : Awakening to the Sound of the Shofar

Now is your opportunity to wake up! In this week’s lesson, we explore the meaning of the shofar, one of our most ancient ritual technologies that is used to wake us up and shake us up so we can return back to wholeness. Listen and learn more about the meaning of this important symbol, and what each different call expresses during the High Holidays.

Weekly Teshuvah Exercise
In this coming week, we invite you to deepen your relationship with these blasts:

  • Tekiah: What is your yearning for the coming year?
  • Shevarim: What is broken for you and ready to be repaired?
  • T’ruah: How are you ready to respond to the call?
  • Tekiah Gedolah: What within you is already whole? To what wholeness are you ready to return?

Watch this video to hear the full teaching by Rabbi Zelig.