High Holidays and Sukkot

Thank you to all those who joined us for High Holidays and Sukkot in 2023. Below you can see what programs we hosted for 5784. Stay tuned for next year’s program.

Elul Daily Shofar Cohort

A daily, 15-minute gathering to learn from renowned teachers, spiritually prepare for the new year, and blow/hear the shofar.

Rosh Hashanah
Berkeley, CA

A journey of celebration, prayer, reflection and intention-setting for the coming year. In partnership with Chochmat Halev.

Simanim Seder
Berkeley, CA

Join us outdoors for a mystical, edible, and intimate ritual seder rooted in Sephardi and Mizrahi Rosh Hashanah traditions.

Yom Kippur
Sebastopol, CA

A time for prayerful introspection, teshuvah (relational & spiritual ‘return’), embodied ritual, and praying with the sacred fire.

Sukkot Festival
Sebastopol, CA

A festival including Shabbat and Sukkot celebrations, crescendoing into our water and rain honoring ritual for Hoshana Raba.

Join Avodah (Work-Exchange)

In today’s modern world many of us are hungering for a sense belonging and being a part of community, but not sure how to find that. At Wilderness Torah, we have found that the most effective way to find place and belonging at our gatherings is to insert yourself into the fabric of people doing service and working together. It is the secret sauce of community!

The Avodah work-exchange program is both intended for those with financial need who would like to support the village, as well as anyone who wants to weave into the tapestry of the Wilderness Torah community. Participating in Avodah is a great way to meet amazing people, save money, and cultivate a sense of purpose and belonging at our events.

More Details

Wilderness Torah’s High Holidays & Sukkot Programs

Check out this 2 minute video to learn more about our entire fall program: From Elul to High Holidays to Sukkot. We can’t wait to see you there!

The Jewish cycle of time provides us with the opportunity to return to ourselves, our communities, and our ecosystems again and again. 

As the high energy of summer comes to a close, we turn to the month of Elul and begin our cycle of teshuvah (“return”) – the practice of coming home to truth.

Like the land producing ripe fruit after months of growth, we too gather our wisdom from the year and nourish the individual and collective soul. 

Join us in this cycle of harvesting and homecoming as we gather in earth-based, mystical, and life-altering programs from August to October:

  • Learn and blow the shofar every weekday morning for the month of Elul in our Elul Shofar Cohort
  • Welcome the new year through musical Rosh Hashanah services in collaboration with Chochmat Halev
  • Release yourself in a Tashlich Ceremony and Kiddush Picnic at Urban Adamah
  • Taste the sweetness of entering a new cycle of time through an intimate Simanim Seder and Havdalah Ritual at Chochmat Halev
  • Cleanse your soul during our overnight Yom Kippur Retreat at Green Valley Farm
  • Pray for abundance and call in the rains at our 4-day overnight Sukkot Festival also at Green Valley Farm (more info coming soon!)

We hope you join us for the full cycle of teshuvah to prepare yourself for the awe of entering 5784. All events are family-friendly!