Tu B’Shvat in the Forest

Coming back in 2025.

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As the days begin to lengthen, we pause during Tu B’Shvat to celebrate the unseen awakening of spring. Deep within the trees, the sap begins to flow as the trees start their cycle anew.

In the tradition of the Kabbalists (16th century mystics of Tsfat, Israel), we gather in the morning in the forest to create an experiential Tu B’Shvat seder (ceremony) that connects us to the trees and the elements and takes us on a journey from the physical world to the spiritual world.

We will delight in p’ri ha-etz (the fruit of the trees) and celebrate the season together through the five senses, song, meditation, and Tu B’Shvat teachings. In the afternoon, we host a variety of fun, informative, and inspired Tu B’Shvat offerings.

Thank you Eli Zaturanski for the beautiful video from our 2019 Tu B’shvat in the Redwoods.  Song by Mikey Pauker.

The Seder was welcoming, inclusive, reflective and intergenerational. I left at the end of the day feeling inspired, connected and energized..

2020 Tu B'Shvat Attendee

2020 Tu B’shvat Seder Ritual Leaders

Starhawk is an internationally renowned ritualist, writer, and teacher of Earth-based feminist spirituality, permaculture, and activism.

Starhawk is Jewish by heritage, and has deep connections to her roots. She has authored thirteen books about Earth-based spirituality and activism including the classic The Spiral Dance, The Fifth Sacred Thing and The Empowerment Manual. She lives in the Bay Area.

Rabbi Arthur Waskow is an 86-year-old activist who regularly gets arrested for protesting.

He is author of Seasons of Our JoyThe Freedom Seder and eighteen other books. In 2014, he received T’ruah’s first Lifetime Achievement Award as a “Human Rights Hero.” He founded and directs the Shalom Center for justice, peace, and healing of the Earth. He lives in Philadelphia.

*This offering is part of Reb Arthur’s first public appearance on the West Coast in 10 years and, at age 86, he doubts that he will teach out here again so don’t miss this incredible opportunity.*

Rabbi Phyllis Berman is a leading Jewish Renewal liturgist, prayer leader, writer, story-teller and healer.

Phyllis has co-authored Tales of Tikkun: New Jewish Stories to Heal the Wounded WorldThe Tent of Abraham: Stories of Peace and Hope for Jews, Christians, and MuslimsFreedom Journeys: Tales of Exodus & Wilderness across Millennia, as well as articles on new ceremonies for women and new midrash. She lives in Philadelphia.

Special guest teachers Starhawk and Rabbis Arthur Waskow & Phyllis Berman will be joining us as part of JeWitch Camp’s Tu B’Shvat Retreat (camp price includes free admission to Wilderness Torah’s TuB’Shvat in the Forest). To sign up for JeWitch Camp, visit: www.jewitchcamp.org