Families at Passover in the Desert

A Desert Pilgrimage for the Whole Family

At Passover in the Desert, we create an atmosphere where tots, children, and teens receive the support they need to find their unique place within community.

We cultivate a welcoming, family-friendly environment in our vibrant youth village, harnessing multi-generational wisdom to raise every child. This is how we build a supportive and beloved community.

The youth program is designed to engage kids and teens in age-appropriate, nature-based learning and exploration. Experienced and dedicated mentors weave youth in and out of the whole village, and facilitate activities tailored to each age group.  Programming aims to allow for all family members to fully enjoy the festival. 

Other family offerings include:

  • Kids dinners on Friday and Saturday nights
  • Family camping near the Tent of Meeting & Hearth 
  • Family helpers who help with camp setup and meal times
  • Special musical Shabbat service for little kids and their families with Melita
  • A new parent council where anyone interested can invite the wisdom of the wilderness into their parenting journey

It’s literally a dream come true to finally get to bring my daughter and watch her so easily fall into the tribal village rhythm as though we lived here, let her run free with the kids, fall asleep in front of the fire to the sounds of prayer and song, and fully participate in the ritual (at age 4). In fact, she’s still talking about it. It made a huge impact on her and me.”

Julie, Parent

“A mother’s greatest joy and work is to provide opportunities for her children to thrive, laugh, belong, and feel alive. This week at Passover in the Desert, my joy and work was fulfilled. Thank you!”

Natalie Bitton, Parent

“For me, the gift of this Passover in the Desert was the support I received in seeing my 16-year-old daughter as whole just as she is. I had an experience of releasing some of my fears about letting her go, witnessing the beauty of her calling and knowing that the universe, her mentors, and her soul will hold and protect her. ”

Gina Hassan Wallin, Teen Parent

Family Programming at Passover

Kids of all ages will explore the enchanting desert environment, making friends and playfully connecting with Jewish traditions. The schedule of youth village programming will also align with adult programming to support parent engagement in festival activities.

Adventurous families with newborns and infants are invited to share in the Passover in the Desert experience! We create a cozy ‘Nevatim Corner’ in the main tent where families with littles can stash their belongings and make space for gentle play. We don’t provide childcare for 0-2 year olds, but we welcome our village’s littlest participants and their caregivers to join both kid and adult programming.

At Passover in the Desert tots have a dedicated tent and mentor team providing creative programming throughout the festival. We make earth-based art, sing silly songs, listen to stories from the wild, cool off in the kiddie pool and get into the best kinds of mischief.

Chasing lizards between creosote bushes, making chocolate-dipped matzah over an open fire, finding a quiet hitbodedut (space) spot in the canyon oasis, dancing and singing with new and old friends during a kids shabbat service—these are glimpses into what a day in the life of a kid at Passover in the Desert might look like. The kids have their very own play structure where they gather and ground with the talented mentor team between heading out on their excursions.

Younger teens are given the chance to both enjoy the excitement of festival life in camp and head out beyond the edges of the village for a desert wilderness adventure. Experienced guides prepare the ‘Middlers’ and then take them out on an overnight expedition into the Panamint Valley mountains to embody the spirit of Pesach. Friendships are forged while hiking up the stony trails and lifelong memories are created around the fire under the starlit sky. After the trip the group returns to the village to share their story and enjoy the camp atmosphere.

The village is not complete without teens, those who bridge the older and the younger, connecting the ones who are being taken care of to the ones who take care. While teens are integrated into the whole community, we also provide teen-specific activities where dedicated mentors guide programming to deepen connections to themselves, each other, Judaism, and the land. Teens also get a chance to bring their gifts into service to the greater community. Teens are called upon to support the Passover village by apprenticing at the Hearth, supporting younger youth programs, and other aspects of the festival where their help is needed. It’s an amazing environment for teens to explore what being a young adult in village life might look like for them and to receive inspiration from the people around them.  

Family Discounts

Families enrolled in B’hootz, B’naiture, or teen Neshama Quest 2021–2023 are also eligible to receive 30% off the entire family price.

Not a Youth Programs participant and needing financial aid? Adults attending with at least one minor child are also eligible to receive 30% off the entire family price.


The schedule of youth village programming will align with adult programming to support parent engagement in festival activities. The program will be provided upon arrival at the festival.

Passover in the Desert will include a separate earlier dinner for kids on Friday and Saturday nights.  We ask the community to let families with kids, pregnant women, and elders go first at all other mealtimes.

At Passover in the Desert, all participants are asked when they register  if they would like to be a “family helper.” Volunteers will then be paired with a family on-site to support with whatever needs you may have including, but not limited to: setting up camping gear, getting meals, washing dishes, playing with your kids, etc.

Yes, there is plenty of space in the parking area to park an RV. If you would like to rent an RV, you can download this resource sheet that provides tips for folks who are interesting in taking an RV to the desert.

Still have questions? Email us and we’re happy to help.

Passover in the Desert can be a rugged experience.

Due to the intensity of desert camping, we highly recommend that each family with youth under the age of 10 bring two adult caregivers to ensure a balanced experience. If you are considering to join with just one parent/guardian, we require you to contact us directly before you register.

Passover in the Desert is an adventurous experience for families who are excited about, and prepared for true wilderness camping! It is ideal for parents and children with wilderness camping experience, as The Panamint Valley desert offers a real challenge which includes exposure to the elements, hot days and cold nights, intense winds, and even an occasional rain. (Alongside, of course, magnificent vistas, beautiful sunrises, and expansive starry skies).