East Bay Spring Cohort begins January 13, 2019

Registration is Now Closed.



Bringing Judaism’s Earth-Based Rhythms and Teachings to Life Through the Seasons

Age 4 (if turning 5 by May 2019) through 5th Grade

B’hootz integrates caring mentorship and nature-based exploration with Jewish spirituality, tradition, and wisdom. B’hootz is centered around a strong value of inclusivity – we welcome families from diverse backgrounds and with varying relationships to Jewish tradition. Enrollment for the fall and Spring season has now closed.

DATES: New Spring Cohort Option: January 2019 – June 2019 (8 Sundays)


  • East Bay B’hootz: Roberts Regional Park, Oakland


  • East Bay Shoreshim (grades TK-2): 10am-1pm; East Bay Etzim (grades 3-5) 10am-2pm


Experience and learn about Jewish Tradition in the forest!

Your child may begin their journey in B’hootz at any point, grades TK-5.

Shoreshim: Roots, grades TK–2

Nourish the roots of Jewish nature connection.

Shoreshim celebrate the wonders of creation and engage Jewish tradition through hands-on learning. Join to grow comfort and ease in the outdoors and experience the vitality of Jewish wisdom through Torah storytelling, imaginative play, nature connection activities, and adventure.

Etzim: Trees, grades 3–5

Grow the branches and leaves of Jewish nature connection.

Etzim bring Jewish concepts to life by connecting to their minds, hearts, bodies and Jewish identities through adventure and challenge. Cultivate hands-on skills like fire making, wild food processing, basketry, and whittling, and deepen relationship to the forest by developing tracking and nature connection skills.

Parent Program

Make B’hootz a family experience and build Jewish community outdoors!

Join our parent program and connect to your child’s B’hootz journey! We invite parents to join at several points throughout the season, including two full-days of programming in the fall and spring.

Follow the links below for more details on what to expect in B’hootz!


I love watching the kids run into the redwood forest with independence and excitement. Now [my daughter] loves the redwoods and sees a profound connection to them as a young Jewish girl!
B'hootz Parent