Avodah Terms & Conditions

Each Avodah role is integral to the health of the whole system. The hours you contribute with Avodah serve as part or all of your payment for the event. If you do not show up, your absence affects many other people. For this reason, if you do not fulfill your Avodah agreement, you will be billed for missed hours at the rate of $20 per hour.

The Avodah application and registration process may take 1–2 weeks to complete.


To hold your Avodah position you must reply with a “yes” to the offer email from the Avodah manager within 48 hours of receipt. You must then agree to these terms and register for the event within one week of receiving registration instructions.


If you register for your Avodah position and then cancel after September 20, 2019, you will be required to pay the lowest adult registration fee and will not be allowed to participate in Avodah at future events. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis for emergency situations.

Sickness or Injury

If you must leave the event due to sickness or injury, you will not be responsible for making up your missed hours. If you become sick or injured onsite and are unable to complete your Avodah hours as planned, but stay for the remainder of the event, you will still be responsible for making up the hours at a later date or paying the difference (see “Completion” below).

Sign In/Sign Out

Some positions require you to sign in and out when you start and end each shift. For others, you must check in with your supervisor before the beginning and end of your work. Your supervisor or the Avodah manager will specify their expectations before you start working. There will be a sign-in sheet each day for those who require it.

Sharing Hours

You are not permitted to share hours with others as we are tracking each person’s commitment of Avodah hours. If you are not able to complete your hours, another person doing Avodah cannot take on your missing hours and vice versa.

If you need to change your Avodah hours because of scheduling conflicts or emergencies, please speak with the Avodah manager to discuss other options.


All Avodah hours must be completed within the two weeks following the event. If you are not able to complete them within this period you will be expected to pay $20 per hour missed. Failure to pay this fee may affect your ability to participate in Avodah at future events.

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