Sukkot 2018

Brand New for 2018 — Sukkot Classes and Daylong Event with Water Ritual


New Programming for Sukkot

For 10 amazing years we’ve offered an overnight, multi-day community experience to celebrate Sukkot. This year we are reshaping our Sukkot celebrations and offering a fresh new alternative.

In the spirit of empowered community building, we will offer two pre-holiday How-To Sukkot classes to support your Sukkot preparation, and a last-day-of Sukkot Hoshana Raba daylong celebration to celebrate the ingathering and pray for rain!

Pre-holiday Preparatory Classes

  • Sukkot Mitzvot Wisdom: Tuesday September 4, 6:00-9:00pm
    Learn about Sukkot, textual origins, mythology and its earth-connected wisdom
  • Sukkot In Action: Wednesday, September 12, 5:30-8:30pm
    Learn to build a Sukkah, wave a lulav, and how to conduct Sukkot celebration basics

Sukkot In-Gathering: Celebrating the Rain Ritual

  • Gather on the final day of Sukkot (Sunday, September 30)
  • Pray for rain & celebrate the harvest
  • Celebrate together in community!

Community Sukkahs!
We’ll be organizing a Sukkah hop in the East Bay… stay tuned!

Save these Dates for Sukkot!

Tuesday, Sept. 4 CLASS I— Sukkot Mitzvot Wisdom
Wednesday Sept. 12 CLASS II— Sukkot In Action
Sunday Sept. 30 — Sukkot Ingathering Festival: Celebrating the Rain Ritual




“Wilderness Torah has an amazing approach to bringing people together in beautiful natural places to celebrate the holidays and cycles of the seasons.”
Monk DeVoe, Sukkot festival participant