Schedule and Program Offerings
for Passover in the Desert

Schedule & Flow
Program Offerings

Schedule & Flow

During Passover in the Desert, we strive to provide a schedule that supports the retreat structure and allows the pulse of the desert to guide the heartbeat of the village. This schedule outline provides a sense of gevurah (structure), while allowing the flow of chesed (loving-kindness and flow) in the desert. We consider this a flexible schedule and may adapt is as we sink into desert time together. An updated schedule will be posted daily on a village board we call the Modi’in.

3:00–8:00 pm – Welcoming and check-in
DINNER – Served continuously until 8:30 pm
Evening – Welcome fire, stories & music
7:00 am – Movement or meditation offering
8:00 amShacharit (morning prayers)
Morning – Opening Circle
Morning – Tribal time
Picnic LUNCH – Optional Sharing Circles
Afternoon – Village activities
Late Afternoon – Teen sendoff to Surprise Canyon
Early EveningKabbalat Shabbat (welcoming Shabbat)
DINNER – Optional Sharing Circles
Evening – Cozy Corners
7:00 am – Movement or meditation offering
Morning – Shabbat morning hike
Morning – Shabbat Shacharit (morning prayers)
Mid Morning – Torah service (without instruments)
Picnic LUNCH – Moshiach Seder*
Afternoon – Solo Wilderness Encounter
Afternoon – Teens return
DINNER – With Tribes
EveningHavdalah (Shabbat closing ceremony)
Evening – Evening village Mimouna celebration for end of holiday

*Mimouna is a three-century-old North African Jewish celebration held the day after Passover, marking the return to eating chametz, which is forbidden throughout the week of Passover

7:00 am – Movement or meditation offering
8:00 amShacharit (morning prayers)
Morning – Village offerings
Picnic LUNCH – Optional Sharing Circles
Afternoon – Village offerings/Marketplace
DINNER – Optional Sharing Circles
Evening – Shine Your Light Campfire
7:00 am – Movement or meditation offering
8:00 amShacharit (morning prayers)
Morning – Closing Circle
Mid Morning – All camp breakdown
Afternoon – Snacks & L’hitraot (farewell for now)

Program Offerings

Read below for information on program offerings.

Our program embodies our journey from narrowness to freedom when we hold strong to faith. We will explore ways to collectively move toward freedom within ourselves and as a community.

Passover in the Desert invites us to co-create the essence of village life through an open and flexible schedule that includes prayer, ceremony, tending the hearth, tending our sacred fire, learning, and sharing primitive skills that sustain our village.

During the main festival, the entire village will make exodus from camp into the expansive desert. You will have spacious hours to engage in the power of solitude, the divinity of the desert, and to explore your own path to liberation. After this extended Wilderness Encounter, you will gather with your tribe to witness and support each other.
Each village member will join a multigenerational tribe, a group of 10–12 people, who support each other during the festival, with a special focus on preparing for and integrating the solo wilderness encounter.
Cultures around the world have considered fire to be the heart of the village. The ancient Hebrews tended a sacred fire for centuries in the Temple.

As a community, we will keep our Eish al haMizbe’ach (Fire on the Altar) burning through the entire festival. Our sacred fire provides a space to pray and engage Spirit in a personal and powerful way. We invite those who are called to take a shift tending this fire.

Email Us to Tend Sacred Fire
In the spirit of collaboration and co-creation we invite you to share your skills and passions, which bring the village to life.

If you are interested in sharing your gifts in one or more of the following ways, please submit a proposal below:

  • Teaching or leyning (reading) Torah
  • Leading morning movement and/or meditation or Shacharit (morning prayer service)
  • Teaching a primitive skill or craft related to our desert village experience (Fire by friction, matzah making, etc)
  • Tribe Leader (for those with group leadership experience)
  • Kids and teens program activity (share a story or a song, or lead a workshop)
  • Leading desert wanders or trips to Surprise Canyon
  • Tending sacred fire
  • Facilitating a story or song circle or other fun activity for Friday night’s Cozy Corners
  • Experiential workshop to be facilitated at some time during the festival
  • Sharing circle discussion on a specific topic during a meal

When choosing what to offer and how to offer it, please consider connecting it in some way to the theme of Passover and this year’s festival theme: Tending Sacred Fires.

Check out more information and guidelines on making a village offering.

Moishe House Without Walls Opportunity:
Through our partnership with Moishe House, participants ages 22-32 will have an opportunity to get up to 300 dollars of supplies reimbursed for two offerings (150 an offering).