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Primary Contact Identity & Info
Address & Phone
Festival Logistics & Meals

Please visit the Passover in the Desert carpool page as soon as possible to register as a driver or rider. Then, connect with fellow passengers for the journey!
Service & Support
New Aspects of Passover in the Desert
This year we are building an inclusive village, inviting participants to bring their unique skills and sacred service.

We ask every participant to support the health of the village by offering 1 hour of their time 
at specific “village tending” moments during the festival (hitnadvoot).

We also invite you to participate in the village by offering your shai (a skill, teaching, or talent). If you want to teach a class, choose “Support a Specific Space” and choose the space where you want to teach.

You could think of yourself as an “auntie,” “uncle,” “big sibling,” or “grandparent” for the festival. We would introduce you on site and you can support them as you wish — bringing them meals, sitting with them at breakfast, hanging out with the kids, etc. It’s a wonderful way to support the kids and parents in our village and get a taste of family life.
Thank you for offering to help! We will be in touch with you 1–2 weeks before the festival if your support is needed.


In this section we need you to select your meals based on when you plan to be onsite. This helps us make sure we have enough food for everyone without creating waste. Please use the following meal selection guidelines.

  • Overnight Solo+Festival: Tuesday Dinner through Monday Breakfast
  • Main Festival Only: Thursday Dinner through Sunday Breakfast
  • Avodah (work exchange): Follow the schedule in your Avodah agreement


Setup & Pre-Festival | April 22–25


Main Festival | April 25–29


Breakdown | April 29–30

Emergency & Safety

Thank you for volunteering to be on the Safety Crew! If your services are needed, we will contact you 1–2 weeks before the festival with more information.
Emergency Contacts

Please list TWO Emergency Contacts in the United States who will NOT be at the event:

Inclusivity & Affiliation
We are inclusive to people of all backgrounds and do not discriminate based on gender or sexual orientation. These questions help us to serve the needs of our community and give anonymous information to funders who support our work to make Wilderness Torah as inclusive as possible.

Additional Registrants

Additional Registrants

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