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Reclaiming the Gift of Esau: Toldot

Reclaiming the Gift of Esau: Toldot Zelig Golden | 25th Cheshvan 5772 | November 22, 2011 In Parsha Toldot, we meet Isaac’s twin sons, Jacob and Esau. Esau, the first-born is hairy and gruff, a man drawn to the hunt and the field. Jacob, the


Out of the Book, Onto the Land

Zelig Golden | 12 Elul 5768 | September 12, 2008 We were not always the people of the book. Our Hebrew ancestors were the people of the land. They lived by the cycles of the moon and the sun, worked the earth for their food,


The Faith of Moses: Parsha Be-Shallah

Zelig Golden | 11 Sh'vat 5768 | January 18, 2008 In this week’s parsha Be-Shallah, we celebrate Shabbat Shira – the Sabbath of Song – named for the song Moses sang to the children of Israel at the red sea. Moses sings his song of