B’naiture Mentoring and Four Worlds Approach

Learn more about our unique approach to Jewish coming of age


Coming of Age

B’naiture is a coming-of-age journey from childhood into adolescence. B’naiture supports the physical, emotional, and spiritual passage of a human soul from childhood innocence into the teenage years, where one opens to greater awareness of self and the world.
This can be an exciting and challenging time for youth and parents, and it can be difficult to navigate without guidance and outside mentorship. We have crafted a journey that supports the whole family to move through this rite of passage with grace and confidence.

B’naiture Meaning

“B’naiture” is a play on the Hebrew words B’nai Mitzvah and the English word nature. B’nai Mitzvah is the plural for Bar or Bat Mitzvah, which means to be a son or daughter of the mitzvot. The word mitzvah is often times translated into English as “commandment.” The root of mitzvah is related to the Aramaic tzafta which means to connect.

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Mentoring Approach

B’naiture Four Worlds

B’naiture is designed to meet the needs of all of the parts of your child. As you will read below, we create a balanced program that nurtures a child’s body, emotions, mind, and spirit. We believe humans learn best when learning happens on all of these levels so we strive to create a learning environment that honors this.

Assiyah (Physical)

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Wilderness adventures
Hand crafts such as cordage, carving, basketry, and more
Survival skills such as fire and shelter building
Plant identification and wild food harvesting and preparation
Herbal medicine making


Yetzirah (Emotional)

asesor opciones binarias Engagement with core Jewish values
Cultivation of self-awareness through sharing circles, journaling, and self-reflection
Group building and peer connection through games, adventures, and more
Age-appropriate challenges that build confidence and foster growth

Briyah (Intellectual)

binaire opties per minuut Learning and experiencing the seasons through Jewish holidays, weekly Torah portions, and other Jewish stories
Singing and practicing Jewish songs and basic Jewish prayers
Learning about the plants, animals, and local ecology

Atzilut (Spiritual)

http://voipmobiel.nu/?serespana=opciones-financieras-bbva&96e=20 opciones financieras bbva Experiencing Hitbodedut, sitting alone in nature
Practicing sensory awareness activities

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