B’hootz Mentoring and Four Worlds Approach


Mentoring Approach

B’hootz provides mentorship for Bay Area children in grades K–5 in the East Bay and grades 1–4 in the Peninsula of any denomination or observance level who seek to integrate nature-based exploration with Jewish spirituality, tradition, and ethics.

B’hootz brings Torah to life through the seasons

Tracking the Jewish calendar in concert with local ecology, our four-worlds, holistic mentoring approach helps children learn with body, heart, mind, and spirit that Judaism is intimately connected to the natural world. www bdswiss compages einzahlen
Activities including games, crafts, and imaginative adventures are woven into Jewish themes. For example, we learn about Passover with a wilderness wandering game followed by matzah-making over the fire or basket weaving to connect the holiday to the urgent Exodus or the story of Moses and his rescue from a basket.
We guide children on a journey into deep nature connection and invite them to cultivate a sacred, playful, and caring relationship with place. Meeting in the same grove of trees each week helps children develop an intimate connection with local ecology and seasonal rhythms.

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We believe that each child has a unique learning journey. Adult and teen mentors carefully track each child to provide each one with the support, connection, and challenges that support their growth. For this reason,we do not exceed a 6:1 child to mentor ratio.

B’hootz Four Worlds

B’hootz aims to meet the needs of the whole child, not just their brain! Our curriculum is balanced to nurture a child’s body, emotions, mind, and spirit. We believe humans learn best when learning happens on all of these levels.

Assiyah (Physical)

Nature connection & embodied living
Exploring and experiencing the wilderness
Hand crafts such as cordage, carving, and basketry
Survival skills such as fire and shelter
Plant identification and wild food harvesting and preparation
Herbal medicine making

Yetzirah (Emotional)

Mitzvot (ethics and values)
Learning and exercising core Jewish values
Self awareness through sharing circles, journaling, and self-reflective questioning
Group building and peer connection
Age-appropriate challenges that build confidence

Briyah (Intellectual)

Track the seasons with Judaism
Learning the natural cycle of the Hebrew calendar
Jewish stories
Jewish songs and basic prayers

Atzilut (Spiritual)

Learning fundamentals of Jewish spirituality
Hitbodedut — sitting alone in nature
Sensory awareness activities