Families at the Training Institute

Families are welcome to join us for the Wilderness Torah Training Institute!

We will be providing childcare for ages 0–10. Our Kid Care is divided into two groups: Tots (ages 0–3) and Children (ages 4–10). We will further break down groups by age if needed.

Please note that while we provide supervision, all parents and guardians are responsible for knowing where their children are at all times. This is not a standalone program for youth. Children will be with their parents during meal times.

Fee: $300 per child

Children ages 4–10 will spend their time outdoors exploring, playing games, crafting, helping in the village, and bonding with other children and mentors. Families with children are invited to camp in family camping where they can cluster their tents and share nighttime supervision of sleeping young ones.

Fee: $150 per child

We will offer a cozy space for infants and toddlers (ages 0–3) and their caregivers to enjoy some special time to explore and play in a safe place, nurse, and nourish. There are comfy pillows and some children’s toys and books available for your enjoyment.

Contact us with any questions about Kid Care. We hope to see your family at the Training Institute!