Guidance on Making a Village Offering


When choosing what to offer and how to offer it, please connect to the theme of Passover and this year’s festival theme, “Freedom Through Faith.” Please strive to make your offering as interactive as possible, including time for participation, by following the 50/50 rule: give participants space to talk/discuss at least 50% of the time.


One of Wilderness Torah’s core values is creating inclusive community experiences. Please make inclusivity a high priority in your offering by taking time at the beginning to introduce yourself and invite participants to introduce themselves, perhaps asking prompting questions so folks can get to know each other before the session begins.


You can expect between 2 and 20 people to attend your offering. We cannot guarantee the number of people, because there are often multiple concurrent offerings and not everyone attends offerings.


Unless you make a special request for supplies that Wilderness Torah agrees to support, please plan on providing all materials needed for your offering.