Overnight Wilderness Solo
at Passover in the Desert


Overnight Wilderness Solo

Read below for general information about the Overnight Wilderness Solo 2017.

Embody your personal Exodus with the Passover in the Desert one-night Wilderness Solo.

Connect to Creation, personal healing, and clarity on your path and purpose.

Solo journeys into the desert are at the core of Judaism. Our forefathers and foremothers received much inspiration alone in the desert, connecting directly to the Source. There, alone, we can begin to recover our ancient wildness and heal aspects of our ancestral lineage.

An overnight wilderness solo can mark life passages, support one’s healing, help one connect to spirit and nature, and help clarify one’s purpose and life’s big questions.

Are you ready to deepen your personal journey?

Join us in the desert this spring.

During this ceremony, participants will gather in the pre-festival Passover in the Desert village to prepare for an overnight solo experience. Framed with ancient Hebrew perspectives on revelation and vision, your guides will support you to enter the desert alone as our ancestors did to encounter the Source and yourself.

This special program will be co-led by Maggid Zelig Golden and Ceremonialist Rachel Ruach.

The Program

Read below for more information on the program and schedule.

All Overnight Wilderness Solo participants must arrive in the desert no later than 3 pm on Tuesday, April 11 to begin your preparations with the group. You are welcome to arrive as early as Tuesday morning, however, to give you ample time to brush off the road dust and acclimate to the desert climate.

Beginning Wednesday morning, April 12, participants will gather for an introduction and logistics meeting, followed by preparation to explore our purpose for this quest and embark on our solo experience.

Prior to sundown on Wednesday evening, the village will send you off to enter the desert alone for one night of solitude to fast, pray, and enact your ceremony of transformation.

At sunrise on Thursday morning, April 13, you will return to the village to share and integrate your experience. Your guides will help you reflect on the solo journey. The village will receive you when you are ready to fully reintegrate into the larger community.

Note: We acknowledge the mentorship of Native American teachings (and teachers), as well as ancient Hebrew teachings. We want to be clear that our program is not a Native American ceremony; our guides source teachings from ancient Hebrew teachings and traditions as well as their experience with Native American teachers and ceremonies. We are grateful for the all the wisdom we have received to offer this transformational experience.

The Guides

Read below for more information on our Overnight Wilderness Solo guides.

Maggid Zelig Golden

Maggid Zelig Golden, Wilderness Torah Founding Director, is an experienced wilderness guide, having trained and led vision quests with Rites of Passage and Wilderness Torah since 2008 and led Outward Bound wilderness journeys starting in 1999. Zelig has also been trained in traditional Lakota ceremony, including the hambleciya. He received Maggidic ordination from Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi in 2011 and is currently in rabbinic school with ALEPH.

Rachel Erin Ruach

Rachel Erin Ruach is a cultural midwife, ceremonialist, wilderness guide and mentor. She is dedicated to building community and revitalizing modern culture by awakening our earth-based roots. Holding a strong vision of honoring and protecting not only the natural world, but our children and elders, Rachel has trained in wilderness survival and awareness, traditional mentoring techniques, community building, rites of passage, women’s wisdom, primitive skills, and ceremonial arts for the last ten years. Currently she runs Infinite Wild, an organization dedicated to reconnecting women to primitive earth-based living and supporting women’s adulthood initiation ceremonial journeys.