Families at Passover in the Desert


Read below for general information about families for Passover 2017.

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child — Engage Your Child in the Pilgrimage of a Lifetime.
All children and teens must be accompanied by an adult. This is not a stand alone program for youth.

Passover in the Desert is an adventurous, transformative experience for families who are aware and prepared for true wilderness camping! It is ideal for parents and children with wilderness camping experience as the Panamint Valley wilderness offers a real desert experience, including magnificent vistas, intense wind and occasional rain.

At Passover in the Desert the youth program is less segregated, and instead emphasizes life in our integrated, intergenerational village. For ages 5–17 we provide some children and teen programming at key moments and invite youth to enjoy the daily life of the village. As the festival approaches, our youth or teen coordinators will reach out to you with more information.

If your family would like to bring a child under 5, one parent or guardian must be with your child at all times. At this time, we do not provide programming for children under 5.

Due to the intensity of desert living, we highly recommend that each family with youth under the age of 10 bring two adult caregivers to ensure a balanced experience. We ask that families considering joining with just one parent/guardian to contact us directly before registering.

Passover is a wonderful time for youth to adventure and experience freedom from their busy lives at home. They will have space to initiate creative projects, craft, play games, enjoy campfires, and have unstructured time in a beautiful and inspiring natural environment with an amazing community.

We build “village” by cultivating an environment where children and teens form relationships with adults and are not isolated in a separate program.

While parents are in daily tribal meetings, as well as during the Wilderness Encounter on Saturday afternoon, children ages 5–10 will be part of a youth tribe led by our all-star mentors. Outside of these times, we invite youth to participate as integral members of village life.

At Passover in the Desert, teens (ages 11–17) are grouped into their own tribe guided by our skilled youth mentors. The program weaves in and out of teen tribe time and participation in community-wide offerings.

Passover in the Desert provides our shomrim with the unique opportunity to spend time in a dynamic intergenerational setting. Still guided by dedicated youth mentors, teens are woven into the fabric of the village, participating in offerings, forging relationships within the community, following their curiosity, and supporting the ebb and flow of the village — from volunteering with the sprouts (age 0-3) to helping in the hearth.

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Families registering at least one child and one adult receive 25% off the entire party’s registration fee.

Families with children enrolled in B’hootz or B’naiture receive a 30 % discount off the entire family’s registration fee.

Teen Program

Read below for information on our teen program.

Teens are encouraged to participate in many of the general offerings for all ages including text study, yoga, wilderness skills, and prayer. During tribe time, teens will have a tribe of their own to engage in group building, nature connection, and council about the exoduses they are experiencing in their own lives.

All teens must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to attend Passover in the Desert. Our village is an amazing place for teens to leave behind the constructs of their busy lives and school, and enter into the midbar (desert wilderness) where they can adventure and gain perspective on their lives among vibrant and supportive intergenerational community.

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We could not have done this without the support of the “village.” Thank you for a fabulous, deeply immersive Jewish passage.
Nina Gelman-Gans, parent at Passover in the Desert 2012