Passover in the Desert:

April 5–9, 2018


Each year, we Jews retell our core story — our Passover journey from slavery to freedom. This spring, step into your Exodus experience and discover transformation and liberation with the expansive desert as your guide.

The Hebrew ancestors departed the narrow places that enslaved them and began a long journey towards freedom. In the beginning of that journey, they were faced with an ultimate test of faith and courage: The Egyptian Army was catching up to them and they had just reached the Red Sea. Would they cross in pursuit of freedom and risk drowning? Legend has it that Nachshon, prince of the tribe of Judah, leaped into the water and almost drowned before the sea split open for the Hebrews. This Passover we invite you to the nachshon or wellspring of faith inside of you to move closer to the freedoms for which you yearn.

Stay tuned for information about our 2018 Passover in the Desert!

Date: Thursday, April 5 – Monday, April 9, 2018

Location: Panamint Valley, near Death Valley, SE California


Everyone is welcome at Wilderness Torah events.


We create diverse, pluralistic, multi-generational community celebrations to reconnect us to the earth-based traditions of Judaism.

We welcome everyone — Jews, people with other faiths and backgrounds, interfaith couples and families, the LGBTQIA community, people of color — anyone who feels called to attend. We strive to offer a range of activities that engage people of all backgrounds and experience levels, and we partner with inclusivity organizations on programming and training. We welcome your feedback!

Passover in the Desert is a rugged wilderness experience. Participants should be comfortable in the outdoors and committed to a shared group experience. Prior camping experience is recommended.

The Sounds of the Desert

Passover in the Desert was featured on NPR in 2014 and 2015. Listen to the recording below and hear the festival come alive with the story and music of the desert.

2014 NPR Feature

  • Listen to Passover in the Desert 2014: A 12-minute NPR feature!

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