Wilderness Torah

Wilderness Torah

Celebrating Our Tallest Teachers

world leading binary option platform Celebrating Our Tallest Teachers: New Buds, Running of the Sap, Songs of Freedom A Teaching for Tu B’Shvat | 13 Sh'vat 5777 | Feburary 9, 2017  By Maggid Zelig Golden We celebrate Tu B’Shvat, the birthday of the trees, this weekend! Tu B’Shvat orients us to the

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Fulfilling Jacob’s Dream: Become a Standing Rock

http://www.boligsalg-spanien.dk/?nlnl=binaire-opties-signalen&276=df binaire opties signalen by Maggid Zelig Golden 9 Kislev 5777 | December 9, 2016 Below, listen to Maggid Zelig Golden's entire drash (teaching) from Kabbalat Shabbat, recorded December 9, 2016 at Urban Adamah, Berkeley, California.

Jewish Burning Man: Sukkot’s Collective Water Prayer

programvara binära optioner By Maggid Zelig Golden 11 Tishrei 5777 | October 13, 2016 Happy New Year! I hope that the last 10 days from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur were sweet and meaningful. The rabbis teach us that these are the days of teshuva, days of relational

On the Mountain: Cultivating our Collective Consciousness

binäre optionen ohne risiko by Maggid Zelig Golden 4th of Sivan 5776 | June 10, 2016 Below, listen to Maggid Zelig Golden's entire drash (teaching) from Kabbalat Shabbat, recorded June 10, 2016 at Urban Adamah, Berkeley, California.

How Small Choices Can Have Big Impacts

come non perdere con le opzioni binarie by Marina Sherman B’naiture 2012-2014 graduate B’hootz Teen Mentor 2014-present 19 Sivan 5775 | June 5, 2015 Shabbat Shalom. This week’s Torah portion, Shelach Lecha, includes the famous story of the 12 spies sent to scout the Promised land… At the beginning of the Torah

Righteous Rebellion

billigt Atarax by Maggid Zelig Golden 6 Tamuz 5775 | June 23, 2015 In the wake of darkness in Charleston and as we remember the brilliant lights at the recent passing of Rabbi Bonna Devorah Haberman ztz"l and the first yartzeit of Rabbi Zalman Shachter-Shalomi ztz"l, Maggid

Elul: Waking Up & Plowing Our Divine Fields

gestione rischio opzioni binarie Maggid Zelig Golden August 7, 2013 | 1 Elul 5773 Teruah! As the earth rotates on its axis and morning dawns across the world, Jews are blowing their shofar to awaken themselves and their community to the days of Elul, the final month leading to

Reclaiming the Gift of Esau: Toldot

ثنائي الخيار الغوريلا Reclaiming the Gift of Esau: Toldot Zelig Golden | 25th Cheshvan 5772 | November 22, 2011 In Parsha Toldot, we meet Isaac’s twin sons, Jacob and Esau. Esau, the first-born is hairy and gruff, a man drawn to the hunt and the field. Jacob, the

Journey to Our Land, Journey to Ourselves: Parsha Mase’ei

Tastylia Wholesaler Zelig Golden | 25 Tamuz 5769 | July 17, 2009 In this week’s parsha, Mase’ei or “Journeys,” we recount the forty-two stages of our epic journey through the wilderness from the narrows of Egypt to the Promised Land. Then, G-d describes the perimeter of our